Happy Christmas from Arema Connect!

Silvia Planella/ December 14, 2017

Time is flying! We are here again planning our Christmas party, and a number of activities to celebrate the festive season in our Contact Centre. Annual Christmas Party Tomorrow is our staff night out and everyone is looking forward to a relaxing evening. This yearly event allows our team to bound and to celebrate Christmas in style! Secret Santa Every year,

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Employee Survey 2017: Working together, growing together

Silvia Planella/ November 30, 2017

The frontline team in any organisation are an integral component and their feedback is vitally important. They are your eyes and ears of the organisation and can give you valuable feedback on aspects of your business that may be overlooked. Employee satisfaction surveys enable staff members to voice their opinion on a wide spectrum of activities that may impact on

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Case Study: Pharmaceutical Database Management (cleaning and updating contact information)

Silvia Planella/ November 29, 2017

Background: Clients description Our client is an American biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes therapeutics. For many years since the company was founded, the company concentrated primarily on antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza. They seek to develop products that represent advancements by offering enhanced modes of delivery, more convenient treatment

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Product Recall: Case Study

Silvia Planella/ November 13, 2017

A recall is by nature unexpected. Shops must be quickly provided with an update. Additionally, most companies are not setup to handle sudden spike in customer activity. That’s where Arema can help. We can quickly mobilize a product recall team to provide you with the extra resources you need when you need them. View details » Contact us Your feedback

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Exporting with Arema Connect Support

Silvia Planella/ November 7, 2017

Arema Connect has been helping businesses export their products and services since 2005. Our availability and the services we provide gives our clients an advantage when selling their products and services to international markets. We don’t only help Irish companies to export to USA and Australia; we also help American and Australian companies to export to Europe. This blog is

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Arema Connect Halloween Party 2017

Silvia Planella/ October 31, 2017

We started having Halloween Parties back in 2013. Get-togethers such as Halloween parties are part of our staff engagement and team building strategies. They provide an opportunity to boost camaraderie between colleagues and improve the cohesion of new and existing teams. The whole idea was to give our staff’s kids a better idea of what their parents got up to

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What do we do? ‘Solving problems’ since 2001

Silvia Planella/ October 23, 2017

Recently, at Arema Connect we conducted an employee survey to better understand their perspective on working with us. One of the questions asked was ‘Define briefly what do we do’. We collected over 40 responses. Typical answers included key terms as ’24 by 7 call centre’, ‘contact centre for multiple companies’, ‘telephone answering service’, and ‘receptionist services’. Clearly, there was

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How can we use the SPIN Selling model in customer support calls?

Silvia Planella/ October 18, 2017

Even when you don’t make sales calls, you are always selling your brand There is no denying that the customer’s experience can impact your sales revenue. Each time that a client talks with a member of your team, they are unconsciously evaluating your company and their relationship with it. That’s why sales techniques are always positively valued by employers in all

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How Do We Forecast How Many Contact Centre Agents You Need?

Silvia Planella/ October 11, 2017

Arema Connect have different staffing & pricing models depending on our clients current and future positioning. We are fully aware that requirements change over the time including seasonality, specific sales/ marketing campaigns and stages of your business growth. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing flexible models that work for you and your company. We aim to grow in partnership

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